Dr. Aaron Turner PhD.

Practitioner Development

Continued learning and professional development
for practitioners with Aaron Turner PhD


I have no idea how many thousands of client hours I have spent with groups and individuals. Most of my work over the years has been introducing The Principles to those that are not already interested or aware of them. I have developed, sold and run major programs and tweaked them over the years as they have run. I have worked as a mediator. I have been designing programs to train practitioners and have been teaching and developing practitioners for over ten years, long before we launched the One Thought Institute. I have worked with, and learned from many of the first generation practitioners and to a great extent from Sydney Banks himself.

I feel so lucky to have done this work and learned what I have learned along the way. I really don't want to take it to the grave. I want to pass along as much as I possibly can. This is my way of trying to do that. If you are a practitioner that is interested in learning with me and tapping into my experience, I want to offer an easy, reasonable but meaningful way to do so.

For 17 years I have been sharing The Principles
professionally. I have done that as

- a counsellor with clinical and non clinical clients, couples and families
- a coach with leaders and professionals.
- an educator with sports professionals and organisations in business, the military and non profit sectors
- within education with leaders, teachers and students.
- with community projects and the homeless and with veterans.

About program

The core of this 12-month program is 11 in-person days with me. The focus of these days is the work itself. My experience is that our work is a neutral, uncompromising feedback on our grounding. Everything develops from there.

On these days we will focus on your questions, the issues and patterns you see with your clients, the cases you want to examine and the challenges and limitations you experience. From these real life examples, we will focus on the themes and issues they contain using a mixture of

Case studies

Highlighting and discussing core themes

Client demos and role plays

Q and A sessions

The dates for these days are

January 28th


February 25th


March 25th


April 22nd


May 20th


June 17th


July 15th


September 9th


October 21st


November 18th


December 9th


The cost of the eleven monthly learning days and eleven monthly webinars is £3,000 which will be billed in twelve monthly payments of £250.

Uk residence

For UK residents the program will be an in person one. There is a limit
of 50 places to join me in person each month.

On this program there are three elements
1: Attendance and participation in the eleven days
2: Ability to watch the videos of the eleven days
3: Ability to watch the recorded Q and A webinars of the virtual program

Virtual program

I know there are many international practitioners world wide and I want to offer the same resource to them in a meaningful way.
My plan to do this is to have three aspects to the virtual program:
1: To watch the video of the eleven days of clients demos, role plays and discussions.
2: To participate in 1.5 hour live Q and A webinar with me in smaller groups of up to twenty. The smaller groups should allow more participation for each person to answer and address the issues and cases you want to learn from.
3: Ability to watch the recorded webinars of the other virtual group (I intend to do a maximum of two virtual groups of twenty)